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Adults with Braces

Adults with Braces
The number of adults wearing braces has increased dramatically in recent years. According to the American Association of Orthodontics there were more than 1 million adults with braces in 2008, a 25% increase from 1989. The number of adults getting braces has risen for a number of reasons:
  • Advances in braces technology makes them less noticeable, requires fewer appointments and can lead to quicker treatment times than before.
  • A great smile can help provide the competitive edge and confidence necessary to compete in today’s job market.
  • As people live longer, they are motivated to improve their looks with a healthy new smile.
  • Braces are more affordable than ever, in fact, many insurance plans will cover a portion of your treatment
  • Crooked teeth are susceptible to gum disease (gingivitis) and bone loss (periodontal disease) due to plaque and food buildup between the teeth.  Braces can help prevent gum disease and bone loss by placing them in a straighter, healthier position to allow for proper oral hygiene.
So relax.  Wearing braces as an adult is no big thing.  In fact, lots of other adults are pretty happy about their braces.  Talk to us about the various types of braces available at The Brace Place.  This may be your perfect age for braces!

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