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Cheek Biting

Cheek Biting
Ever looked forward to a mouth watery meal and BAM, you accidentally bite your cheek!  Just like that the meal is ruined.  It may happen once in a while that you accidentally bite your cheek, but if it happens frequently, your teeth may be positioned poorly. Aside from ruining meals cheek biting can result in mouth sores and ulcers.  Unfortunately they do not heal over night, so they could interfere with a family get together or any other planned social event.  Sure paying more attention when chewing food could help prevent a cheek bite, but lets be honest, does anyone remember to pay attention to chewing while enjoying the conversation of our peers? Not just “bad bites” cause cheek biting, nervous habits or just careless chewing can also be the cause but if an improper bite is your case, dental appliances and/or braces may fix your bite alleviating the discomfort of cheek biting.  Call us today for us to take a look!  You have nothing to lose only gain peace of mind eating.

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