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MyoBrace Treatment

Myobrace Treatment
Want to get a head start on your child’s smile? Check out Myobrace treatment! Poor oral habits can lead to crowded teeth, underdeveloped jaws, open bites and many more unpleasant complications. Myobrace can straighten teeth the natural way, so you don’t have to worry about your child being too young. Myobrace retrains the facial muscles by encouraging the patient to keep the lips together, breath through the nose, swallow correctly, and positioning the tongue in the correct resting spot. Some patients may not need additional treatment with braces after Myobrace. If braces are needed to finish up treatment, Myobrace does reduce that treatment time significantly. Once Myobrace treatment is completed retention of the teeth is better, as the poor oral habits are corrected, making relapse less likely. Here at The Brace Place our staff is completely trained to guide your child during their Myobrace therapy. The Myobrace mouth guard is easy to use. Your child will be required to sleep in it and wear it only 2 hours during the day. Along with this we will show your child some daily exercises to follow that will only take about 5 minutes. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!

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